Community Initiative for Sustainable Development Agency (CISDA), Maintains cordial relation and partnerships with various line ministries at national and state level, National, International Non-governmental and UN organizations such as: UNOCHA, UN FAO,UNDP and IOM

In line with its core values, CISDA recognizes that the needs of the community are enormous and cannot be handled and managed by a single institution. As a national NGO, we embrace the efforts of all humanitarian organizations in the field and wish to partner with them in service delivery. At present CISDA has the following ongoing partnerships

UNFAO- Several emergency response programmes implemented with FAO and currently implementing a four month project for provision of services related to emergency livelihoods support to the most vulnerable households in Greater Upper Nile and distribution of fishing & veg kits to support 5000HHs in Jonglei State and in the Greater Western Bahr El Ghazal State in Jur River County. This entails resilience building in the society by establishment of agriculture and fisheries support groups in Uror and Nyirol Counties of Jonglei State.

Our flexibility

CISDA will partner with the United nations, international NGOs, National NGOs and community in either wholly managing a particular funded project or deliver services to the community in areas where the international partners cannot reach. We shall partner with the community by ensuring that we give priority to the areas of need that the members consider of urgent and great importance.

Guided by the argument “the poor know their problem” and on the premise that the poor have skills which remain unutilized or underutilized, we shall also be able to do feasibility study on behalf of those partners who would like to provide any humanitarian support. This feasibility study will be participatory to allow the members of the society tell us what their actual needs and how we can reverse the vicious cycle of poverty, disease and death to a virtuous cycle of wealth, health and life.

Our partners

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