To contribute to the empowerment of communities for sustained development.
To provide relief as well as improve living standards of communities, including for women, children, returnees and conflict- and emergency- prone population as well as for the most vulnerable;
To inculcate enterprise among the South Sudanese community and facilitate savings, small loans and other forms of micro-project financing to the community;
To promote socio- economic development of the community through skills-building in the production and marketing of locally viable products;
To unite the community in local, regional and global social action for sustainable development through household management capacity building and sensitization on local, regional and global community issues; Focusing on provision of water, Food Security & Livelihood, Animal and Human health , Protection and Education, peace building, WASH and adult literacy, supporting farmers for agriculture.
And to engage in such other activities, not prohibited by law, as the Executive Committee may from time to time determine.
To see justice and peace among communities through justice and peace

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